4 Forms of Influencer Marketing ROI

Figuring out an exact ROI on your marketing spend can be a big hill to climb. 

I’ve been asked many times over the past few months if I can deliver a 2 for 1 return on every marketing dollar spent and frankly, creating that type of return on a first time investment is a hard bit of magic to pull off. Right out of the gate, Slim Jim probably wasn’t selling enough meat sticks and Toyota probably wasn’t selling enough cars to double their profits; thankfully, influencer marketing is a huge step in the right direction of getting you closer to fully realizing what your marketing dollars can do. Below, I take a look at 4 different types of ROI that influencer marketing can provide.


Having to create your own creative, compelling content is a long, arduous process and simply doesn’t work if it’s forced. Know who consistently puts out unique, interesting content? Influencers. They’ve built and gathered masses of highly engaged fans that trust the products their influencers partner with, meaning any content with them is already one step ahead in gaining trust vs. other types of marketing. (I could add a piece about how hiring a marketing arm to come up with commercials or hiring an ad/creative agency could be a big spend but I don’t want this section to be too long) 

Social Influence
Internet communities have a penchant for sniffing out forced, unauthentic, and sales-y promotions. If you spend some time in chat rooms you may see “Sellout!” yelled at influencers who are just trying to make a quick buck from a sponsor. Thankfully, we leave the decision to our influencers on whether or not they’d like to work with you, meaning only interested influencers will champion your product. That type of authentic marketing is 27% more likely vs. traditional advertising methods to make an impact on your audience. Post your marketing campaign and products on the StreamFluence platform to see who wants to work with you.

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Brand Awareness
With more options than ever on where and how to market, competing for audience mind share is extremely difficult. Even though influencers and content creators are becoming more mainstream, Twitch is a newer platform that continues to explode: there are over 100 million unique users per month with about 50% of male millennials spending their free time consuming content on Twitch. Beyond all the users, Twitch gives its influencers the ability to stream live content, giving you the opportunity to feature your brand in a unique marketplace different from all other types of advertising.  

As long as the influencers are engaged properly and given tools to succeed, you should see a lift in sales. This may not happen in the first month, but spread out over time and with different influencers your product can become top of mind and much more likely to be purchased.
ROI is one of the most important things to calculate when you’re spending your dollars, and we want to help you realize the many different types of ROI that you’ll receive with influencer marketing. We provide the communication and influencers necessary to achieve these types of results, and we’re happy to get you started!

Check out StreamFluence and let’s start making some magic together. Thank you, beautiful reader, have a great rest of your day.

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Author: Trent Ross