Expected Investment

Being in sales, the chief question that we receive from brands is what they should expect to invest at StreamFluence. As a young startup in the midst of building out our sales process, we didn’t have a clear answer to that question months ago.Thankfully we’ve gathered more data and created two service options to help give you a clear picture of what to expect when it’s time to invest.

Express Campaign

First, we have our product or express campaign type. This is our most straightforward, easy-to-use option where you can pay one of three flat rates in order to have your product featured with our network of influencers for a month-long campaign. You can choose to pay:

-$750 for 7 influencers

-$1125 for 15 influencers

-$1875 for 25 influencers

At each level you’ll receive a guaranteed amount of views per month and we give you the power to provide links and hashtags that you want the influencers to use.

Custom Campaign

Next is our custom campaign option where you have total creative control on how your product and brand will be featured with our network. You define the length of the opportunity, what type of actions you want influencers to perform, and can communicate directly with the influencers to share ideas and hear their feedback. As part of this option, streamers will apply to your opportunity and say how much they want to be paid. The average application, spread out over the entire network, is between $250 - $350 per influencer for one month.

The Bottom Line

The rise of influencer marketing has brought exciting new types of ROI brands are receiving that go way beyond profit. If you’re curious about what the ROI is going to be on your spend, check out the 4 forms of ROI that you can expect to see when you’re working with our influencers. If you have additional questions about the type of investments you can expect, please reach out to us.

Cheers, and happy investing!

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Author: Trent Ross