How Effective is Product Placement on Twitch?


Product placement is one of the oldest, most effective, and clever marketing techniques used in the entertainment space. If done correctly, a brand is able to place their product in the pivotal moments of any movie or TV show. This gives the viewer a positive and lasting connection between the viewers favorite characters and the real world brand.

Take one of my all time favorite movies, “Cast Away”: without even noticing, Wilson Sporting Goods was not only able to make one of their products my favorite character in the movie, but also made me think of Wilson everytime I think about volleyball. They convinced me that if I need a volleyball that will last a lifetime (or at least a few years on a remote tropical island) Wilson is the only way to go!

Wilson isn’t the only example of the power of successful product placement. Think about Twinkies and Snowballs in ZombieLand, Reese's Pieces in E.T., and PF Flyers in The Sandlot. All of these brands seamlessly integrated into the film’s narrative and drove sales and awareness as a result.

What is the key to successful product placement?

StreamFluence lets you discover influencers who are speaking to your target audience, making your product placement campaign effective. According to a study done by Hollywood Branded, 81% of brands, agencies and consumers felt positively towards the practice and less than 20% felt the practice is forced, annoying or disruptive.

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How effective can product placement be on Twitch?

Twitch lets its influencers create content that can be seamlessly integrated with your products, making Twitch one of the best places to invest and see results in real time. With over 2 million broadcasters and 15 million daily viewers spending an average of 106 minutes watching, Twitch creates communities of all types. Brands are able to focus their product placement on channels that fit their specific consumer base. Whether that is video games, art, cooking, or fashion; brands can find the ideal marketing channel for them and constantly display their product for thousands of viewers to see per hour.

Is product placement on Twitch cost effective?

Product placement in traditional marketplaces can be pretty expensive: Hershey paid $1 million dollars to have Reese’s Pieces in E.T., BMW spent $3 million in GoldenEye, and millions of dollars are spent by advertisers during any professional sports season. Twitch lets you find influencers who fit your strategy, budget, and target audience at a much lower cost.  

If you want to increase your brand’s awareness and see how far your marketing budget can go, check out how StreamFluence connects you to broadcasters that stream to your target customers on a daily basis.

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Author: Thomas Rinaldi