How StreamFluence Works

What is StreamFluence_I’ve sent thousands of emails to thousands of hopeful customers telling them that there’s a new service called StreamFluence that is bridging the gap between brands and online content creators. I normally explain the types of services we offer, what the network looks like, and answer a bevy of questions which sometimes includes “What’s Twitch?” or “What’s an influencer?”

It makes me wonder: what if I just kept my emails and calls super simple, and all I said was “Hey business person, I’m bridging the gap between your business and online content creators that are connected to all of the people that you’re not reaching through TV anymore.” Would that work? Would everyone get it after that?

Hey, maybe it would, but I think there’s a lot of value explaining the StreamFluence magic. The nuts and bolts of what we’re doing is going to make sense to some people but not to others. So let me take my best shot to give you the best possible explanation of how StreamFluence works.

The Nuts and Bolts

There’s millions of content creators that are captivating their audiences with their own unique style of entertainment. Hundreds of millions of these audience members tune in every single time their favorite content creator goes live, giving the influencer the opportunity to impact their audience in a powerful way…especially through sponsorships. A big problem though, is that the overwhelming majority of these content creators don’t know how to approach brands to get sponsored; after all, they aren’t trained sales people.

Let’s flip the script: does a potential sponsor even know where to start looking for which content creators to sponsor or partner with? If you want to just jump on the front page of Twitch and pick the biggest ones, get ready to have to go through an agency or pay thousands of dollars before you even know what you’re going to get out of a sponsorship with someone. Or maybe a sponsor wants to hire someone just to spend time on Twitch identifying the right type of partners for their brand? Well, what if there was one central location where that process of organically finding the right influencers was done for you and still gave you the final say on who to work with? Viola, I give you StreamFluence.

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Why We Exist

I just described two very real life situations that content creators and brands are struggling with, which is also the long, roundabout way of describing what StreamFluence is doing. We’re an open marketplace where brands can share their products and ideas with a network of content creators who apply to be sponsored by the brands. It’s a platform that’s creating a happy medium for authentic, positive interactions to happen between streamers and brands that benefit both parties.

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve helped answer some questions. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help find the streamer who will best represent your brand, check out our website.

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Author: Trent Ross