How to Make Better Content

Whether you’re new to this whole streaming thing or you’ve been at it for years, one factor will always stay the same; you need that *quality* content. In the SEO world we have a little saying that goes ‘Content is King’, and I think it’s safe to assume that rule applies to streamers as well. Just like those little Google crawlers crave quality content for SEO, so do your Twitch followers. So here’s the kicker, how do you know if you’re putting out quality content? And is it even something you can improve? Well, I’m so glad you asked, otherwise I would have no reason to write this blog.

Finding a Niche Through Authenticity


In case you didn’t know, Twitch isn’t all about gaming. There are tons of creative communities to join as a streamer of any size. Art, music, digital design, hell there are entire communities dedicated to making and eating food- you name it, Twitch has it. When you’re able to find your niche community, your streaming hobby transforms into a way to meet like-minded streamers, build a follower base that will stick with you, and create authentic connections.

If you’re like most of the 2.2 million monthly streamers on Twitch, you’re in it for the gaming. While it may seem easier to create a tight-knit group of followers as a creative streamer, there’s still a niche audience for you. As a gamer, it’s important you discover your own style of streaming while still staying true to yourself. While some streamers can get away with alternate personas, the pressure and stress it causes can still be overwhelming. Take DrDisrespect’s recent breakdown for example.

The easiest way to find *your* people is to be yourself, but offer your followers something they can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s the kinds of games you choose, the outfits you wear, or even the music you play; that’s where your own creativity will get to shine.

2) The Crossover You've Been Waiting For

Even the most anti-social streamers can benefit (or, dare I say, enjoy themselves) when streaming with friends. Collaborative streams offer a change of pace for your followers and come with the benefit of cross promotion. While you may choose to only do a one-time collaboration with a would-be stranger in order to share audiences, collaborating with another streamer over time will actually increase the quality of your content. As you grow and develop your stream with your collaborators on a regular basis, you’ll learn some of their best streaming practices, make more connections, and can put out a quality of content that would be impossible for two strangers to create.

3) Consistency is Key

If you want to grow as a streamer, one of the most important things to figure out is your streaming schedule. You want your stream to be like a TV show; your followers shouldn’t have to guess when the next time your broadcast will be, but instead be able to work it into their busy schedule. Any way you can help them work your stream into their routine is worth the effort.

Along with a regular schedule, you should also present them with consistent content. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to play the same game every time (you’re good at Fortnite, we get it already) but don’t turn your gaming stream into a cosplay stream and then into a foodie stream, and so on. This will just confuse your audience, and will lessen your chance of retaining new followers.

4) Your Body is a TEMPLE

In order to stream as a fully-functional and happy human, you need to practice a little self-care. Get lots of sleep, drink water, eat good food (or save it for the stream if that’s what you’re into). The last thing you want to do is come across as someone who lacks self-hygeine to your potential followers. And if you’re really not feeling it one day, let your followers know you need a break. They understand you’re a human too, and it’s much better to skip a day of streaming in order to save your reputation.  

What We Do

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Author: Allycia Nichols