Niche Communities


It’s true everyone wants to feel like they belong, and thanks to beautiful inventions over recent years like the internet, the process got a lot simpler. Because of the interconnectedness of the ‘net, there are communities for just about every interest you could have, and Twitch is no exception. There are hundreds of communities to stream with, whether it’s gaming, drawing, knitting- you name it.  But now comes the challenge. As a streamer, what will your niche community be?

Find *Your* Niche

There are millions of broadcasters who dedicate their stream to gaming, so it’s crucial you find what will set you apart. Since it can be hard to find your ‘it’ factor, it helps to start with questions like ‘what am I passionate about’ or ‘what can I offer expertise in?’ Streamer Ashnichrist says it well: Once you establish yourself as an expert in something, people will start following you, even if they aren’t that interested in what you’re doing.

So, maybe your niche group is with a certain genre, publisher, or console.It’s important to make sure you’ll stay dedicated to whatever you determine your ‘quirk’ to be, and go all out. Dedicate every social platform you have towards talking about your niche. See where it gets you.

To Game or Not to Game?

Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity. Seriously, people how many times do we have to say it? Authenticity is the most important thing when it comes to finding your niche on Twitch. One huge mistake of newer streamers is when they seek out popular streamers in order to copy what they do. While some ‘quirks’ may work for other streamers, they may not work for you because you are a unique individual who needs their own unique hook. If that means steering clear from gaming altogether, do it! Twitch has a creative community  specifically for content creators who prefer to show their more artistic side through music, art, coding, and more.

Don’t be afraid to create content that you’re passionate about, because there will always be viewers who share those passions. If can educate your viewers about a skill, hobby, or passion you have, you’re likely to keep them coming back for more.

Watch out for Burnout

Your followers will be able to tell when you lose your passion for your niche, so be careful of burnout.If you want to branch out to play other games, try other foods, play other music, draw other things, do it. However, you shouldn’t expect the same audience size. If you establish yourself as someone who only streams a specific activity or genre, the majority of your audience may be there to watch that rather than, well, you. But don’t take it personally.

If you’re burning out too soon, you may not be in the right niche. You could be passionate about many things, but the right topic to focus on shouldn’t have you feeling burned out every two weeks or so. Remember: it’s ok to experiment with what kind of streamer you want to be.

Finding a Community

At StreamFluence, we aim to be more than just a platform to help make you that sweet, sweet cash. Our goal is to build a community where fellow streamers can meet, collaborate, and grow together in our *niche* passions. If you have questions about who we are or how we can help, join our Discord!

And as always, happy streaming!

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Author: Allycia Nichols