Streamers, Mai Tais, and a Lot of Hard Work

We at StreamFluence keep up a steady schedule of blogs and piping hot, quality content for you, dear reader, and we’ve got some exciting news, big changes, and visions of a bright future to share with you.


About a month and a half ago Clayton, our CEO, got an email from Blue Startups that read something along the lines of, “Hey, want to come to Hawaii and work at one of the best accelerators around?” It seemed too good to be true, but there it was: our invitation to come to Hawaii and launch StreamFluence to the next level. We accepted the offer and much to our delight, we’re now working hard in the paradise that is Honolulu. We didn’t move here for vacation, fun, or pleasure (although we try and make time for the occasional beach trip). We came here for the business of StreamFluence.

How did it happen?

In the world of startups, there are programs called “accelerators” that invest in a businesses to help them grow. Clayton had been busy identifying which ones made the most sense for StreamFluence and after a couple of interviews, an accelerator called Blue Startups wanted to invest and bring us out to Hawaii for the summer. Beyond going to paradise to help launch our business, we were also excited to get to learn from influential figures like the founder of Tetris, Henk Rogers. Henk founded Blue Startups to give start ups a chance to grow. During accelerator programs there’s a focus on a variety of areas like:

  • Mentors that help grow your business (like the founder of Tetris!)
  • People that pick apart your website and other services (executives from Sony & Nintendo!)
  • Workshops to improve our processes (all the way from Hong Kong to Silicon Valley!)

 Overall Blue Startups is a comprehensive program that is helping StreamFluence learn and identify what we need to do to provide the best possible service for all the streamers and content creators in our growing network.

So what happens next?

The emotion of someone investing in your business is indescribable. At different points over the past year, we walked away from our full-time jobs in order to invest the time that’s needed to help grow StreamFluence, and now, we get to network with Google board members, prepare to pitch the business in Silicon Valley, and go to Hong Kong for a conference that connects us with international investors. All of this became a reality when Blue Startups emailed us: our passion project to give back to streamers became a full, bona fide dream come true.

 There’s going to be a lot of learning and growth this summer and it’s not just for us, it’s for all our current and future streamers and customers . We’re cherishing the opportunities that this has brought us, and looking forward to the opportunities that it’s going to create for you. If you want more updates on what we’re doing or have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line on our Discord or share the good news with your friends or followers on social media. After all, you guys are why we do what we do.












Author: Trent Ross